Will Chatham's
Music Website

I am an unprofessional musician living in Asheville, NC.Here's where you find the things I made for your ears.

Update - June 5, 2022

Up-to-the-minute song releases can be found on my SoundCloud account.
Some of these might make it onto my next album, which I am currently in the studio working on

Recent Noise

I released Will Chatham's Musical Variety Show in 2021. You can find it on SoundCloud, BandCamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and all that...If you want a free CD of the album, reach out using the Contact Me form.

Older Stuff

There are playlists on AppleMusic and Spotify that have tons of things I have made or played on. Everything from my solo electronica album (Geekamongus) to You Dirty Rats to The Night Trotters to Crain and Cerebellum.Spotify - Will Chatham Played Here
Apple Music - Will Chatham Played Here
Lastly, here is a folder full of really old stuff, in MP3 format. Dig around to your heart's content. Download what you want.

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